Musings of one human navigating this world. The hope is to empower you to live more lovingly, deeply and without fear. Encouraging greater connection to yourself, others and the universe of possibilities.


Do you constantly feel like you need to recover from your real life? . . . read on if you are in need of some tough love.


Whatever your thoughts on astrology it creates a new lens by which to see the possibilities for transformation.


Kindness is often the most courageous act when we feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.


To be happy is to know you have always been loved.
To see yourself as you are, understand your own heart and be guided by your own voice.


There is so much beauty around you, just waiting for you to become present, catch a glimpse and feel inspired and hopeful again.


Peeling back layers of identity, roles and your reasons for living can be painful, and leave you feeling vulnerable. You gently hold onto the parts of you that feel like your very being. Rest in what is unchanging, trust and then let them go.


If you were a tree, what kind would you be? Would you have strong roots, a tall trunk, outstretched branches with a canopy of leaves? What gives you security and what inspires you towards growth?


Your health is the embodiment of support, with trillions of cells working together to create balance in your body.


Rise above your fears and transcend your current beliefs, identity and perspective and move into new possibilities and ways of being.