There is so much beauty around you, just waiting for you to become present, catch a glimpse and feel inspired and hopeful again.

When you become present to the beauty that constantly surrounds you it becomes more challenging to be distracted by the uncertain.

The world now expects you to be anxious, stressed and in need of reassurance. In an effort to care and comfort you it’s distracting you with constant updates of an outcome, an ending to the uncertainty. In truth there never is. Change is the one constant that you can expect to be a part of your day, whether you like it or not.

How do you find your sense of sanity and self-care in an uncertain world? You can access a feeling of certainty, gratitude and joy by becoming present to the truth and beauty that resides in each moment rather than looking ahead. By taking care of yourself in the present moment you are protecting yourself from future thinking, overthinking and predicting that encourages your feelings of stress and anxiety.

How do you access the present moment? A number of ways exist that can capture your curiosity, imagination and creativity in a way that digital mediums would find challenging to compete with.

Breathe. Just close your eyes and bring your full awareness to your breath. Feel the sensation of the air as you breathe through your nose and fill your lungs. Then just allow the breath to release naturally, and again observe the journey it takes, the sensations. There is something deeply satisfying and centring about feeling the stability and generosity of the breath.

Feel. Closing your eyes, bring your hand to your heart and allow it to rest there. See if you can bring your concentration to your heartbeat. Feel each movement and then notice the space in-between each heartbeat. Stay present to both the heartbeat and the spaciousness of rest. Predictable and reassuring.

Observe. What do you see around you? Is there beauty to be found that perhaps you didn’t see before. Now that you are noticing your surroundings, what colours are there? what sounds? If you are outside can you feel the wind, smell the earth or feel the rhythm of life that is moving around you.

There are so many opportunities to access the stability and certainty of your own experience. All you have to do is be willing to pause, be present and breathe, feel, observe the truth and beauty of being.


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