The true nature of happiness can be found living in alignment with your values, meaning and purpose.

Happiness is being yourself.

Being honest with yourself requires a truthfulness and understanding of your responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions and their affect on yourself and others.

Do you need to indulge in self-care in an effort to create a sense of happiness purely because you are not living in alignment with who you are? Is that really self-care?

You’ve spent too much time focused on the needs of others and meeting their expectations rather than being honest about what you need. Love yourself. Set clear boundaries for what you need. Embody your intentions for how you want to live.


Do you constantly feel like you need to recover from your real life? . . . read on if you are in need of some tough love.


Whatever your thoughts on astrology it creates a new lens by which to see the possibilities for transformation.


Kindness is often the most courageous act when we feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.