manage your energy

not just your time

Understanding energy creates new opportunities for how you manage your day and make the most of every moment.

how do you manage your energy?

Your body is powered by the energy of the sun.

Your body receives energy indirectly from the sun through plants (or through consuming the animals that eat plants). Plants transforms the energy of the sun into glucose to feed themselves which is then consumed by you through the food you eat. Makes you think a bit more about the importance of how you choose to fuel your body hey!

Your energy levels will change throughout the day and are linked to your natural biological rhythms. You may know already of circadian rhythms that assist our body in identifying when it’s time to sleep. You also rhythms for your hormones, alertness, appetite, blood pressure and more. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests that our systems also have rhythms that allow them to move between active and restful states to ensure proper function.

How can you develop your understanding of your own natural rhythms of energy?

Being in tune with your physiological and psychological states can help you to be more aware of when you need to rest and what energises you. You can start by keeping track of activities and food that increases your energy levels to build awareness of your body and mind and the natural cycles of energy throughout your day.


  • how is your sleep? you need at least 8hrs sleep to repair and also in restoring your energy.
  • how do you breathe? breathing through the nose enables your lungs to absorb more of the oxygen that powers each and every cell in our bodies.
  • when are you taking breaks? resting isn’t just about sleeping, give your brain and body regular breaks throughout the day to allow it to rest and restore.


  • what fuel does your body need?  the quality and quantity of your food is important for providing the body with the macro and micronutrients it needs for proper function.
  • how much energy you need? Have a look at your basal metabolic rate to see if you are over or under nourished. Maintaining the optimum balance is not only important for energy levels, but also for your immunity.
  • how many colours can you eat? variety helps to keep your body and mind happy and provides your body with phytonutrients which support your immunity.


  • what can you do differently to nurture your brain? your brain needs a break from thinking, give it something imaginative, fun and creative to do.
  • when was the last time you did something just for you? creating time in your schedule just for you and planning times where you can play is important to maintain balance.


  • what influences your energy? Reflecting on what gives you energy and what depletes you of energy can be a great place to start when learning to manage your energy levels. Spend more time investing in actions that provide you with energy.
  • how are your boundaries? you can become depleted if you spend too much time helping others without respecting your own needs or values. Are you compromising your time and energy for someone else?