See yourself

You might have spent a lifetime waiting to be seen and understood and that is ok, that is the journey. The most important question is have you turned towards yourself, or have you been reaching out into the world to be seen and accepted first, to know that you can be loved before you love yourself? To see yourself in the mirror you need to be still and look back at the reflection, be curious and hold yourself with love and compassion while you look at what you see. No one but you can see you as you really are. All of your perceived imperfections, the aspects of you that you don’t think the world around you wants, believes is beautiful or loveable aren’t real, you are the only one that can know the whole truth.

Understand your heart

To understand your greatest fears and to feel vulnerable in your greatest loves, this is life. You are human, you are on this earth to follow your heart and allow it to guide your journey. Have you been living your desires, or have you felt restricted by your fears? Living in wholeness is knowing your fears and courageously stepping towards your desires. That is what it means to live, in that is a vulnerability, a knowledge that you might fail, that you might not achieve what you wanted, and that is ok too. The truth is that neither you nor anyone else really knows what will happen. You live in a world that is uncertain, and no amount of thinking and planning will control the outcome. The question then becomes how are you choosing to live, in fear, or with the courage of love guiding your step?

Hear your voice

You may have spent your whole life being told what to think, feel, say and do. Have you ever stopped to listen to your own voice, or have you forgotten what it sounds like? Perhaps you were encouraged to ignore it so many times it became a whisper and now all you hear is silence. To hear your own voice again become still, silent and listen. Encouraging it to come out again, to be seen, heard and understood takes time, practice and a willingness to hear your own truth again.

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