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Join the journey and enjoy 7 days of guided journaling with powerful questions for deeper self-awareness and discovery.

The what. Need to start asking some deeper questions of life? Then this project is for you. 7 questions, 7 days. For only 15mins of commitment to yourself a day, this could change your life, seriously. Simply register your details below and you are good to go!

The why. In a world that constantly demands our focus, journaling is an opportunity to slow down and give yourself some much-deserved attention. Writing can be a thinking process of its own where you begin to understand your own beliefs and how they shape your reality. Insights from journaling can be valuable now and in years to come as you begin to understand who you were, who you are now and the possibilities of who you could become.

There are so many more benefits to journaling, here are just a few if you need more convincing . . .

  • Writing can provide a way to understand yourself, your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions and how they shape your life. 
  • By understanding yourself and your identity you are able to manage adversity and increase your resilience to change. Developing your inner resources and self-confidence.
  • Writing to yourself allows you to connect more with your emotions, your mood and help to support your overall emotional health and happiness by understanding your needs and desires.
  • Increases mindfulness and meta-awareness, helping you remain present with your thoughts.
  • Can reduce stress, inflammation and improve immune function. By prioritising problems you can alleviate fears and concerns that are consuming your sub-conscious and creating stress and inflammation for your body and mind.

The how. First, you will need to register below. Each day you will receive an email with a simple prompt to inspire you to explore your understanding of yourself. I recommend putting aside 15-20 mins to make the most of your journaling experience. If you’re new to this journaling thing and want some more support check out the journaling project.

You will need:

Pen – I recommend a comfortable pen that you will enjoy writing with. The more enjoyable the experience, the more likely you are to make it a part of your lifestyle. 

Paper – You could use any paper that you have around the house, an old notebook or diary, post-it notes, you name it! If you can write on it you can use it. Having all of your thoughts in one place does make it easier to find them and can make for interesting reflection in the future.

Time – The most important element of this experiment is you and your time! You deserve your time and attention. So grab a cuppa and enjoy letting your thoughts fill the page.

The when. Why wait? Let’s do this! Register your details below to receive your first journaling prompt.

Find further research on the benefits of journaling here.

let the journey begin

A 7 day journaling experience with powerful questions for self-discovery. It’s completely free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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