Listen to the wisdom of your own body and support yourself with a seasonal pre-biotic diet for better health.

There are so many reasons why we eat. First of all because we need too for energy and to sustain us, but there are lots of other reasons we eat either out of boredom, because of stress, social or cultural reasons that we all have a strong connection with food. If you want to improve how you nourish yourself with food choosing more nutritious foods doesn’t have to be challenging. It’s all about small changes that feel comfortable for you. It doesn’t have to be all about restriction either! It can be about adding more healthy food into your diet rather than just cutting out the fun stuff. Some of the things that work for me are:

  • focusing on only one change at a time
  • choose the easiest thing you can change first
  • look for opportunities to make small changes when you buy, prepare and eat your food

Check out the nourish guide for more ideas on how to nourish yourself from the inside out.

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