Having a daily compassion practice can help improve the relationship you have with yourself and others.


We all need more compassion in our lives, so do you intentionally create opportunities for compassion in your daily life? No worries, let’s start now!


There are many benefits to having a daily compassion practice, here are just a few:

  • it increases your ability to be compassionate with yourself and others
  • increases feelings of connectedness with others
  • improves feelings of happiness and contentment
  • reduces stress and allows you to have a more holistic perspective of challenging situations
  • when practiced regularly it can reduce cortisol levels

the practice

I usually practice compassion in the evenings, as I feel for me this is definitely when I need it the most and when I have loads of experiences fro throughout the day to reflect on. The practice of compassion can be about having more compassion for yourself, for others or why not incorporate aspects of both. I also find it beneficial to link it back to my morning gratitude practice so that I can check-in with my core values, appreciate what I have and use the compassion practice to continue to open myself up to new experiences and possibilities.

my evening compassion practice

How did your day unfold? Was it what you expected? How did you deal with those unexpected moments?

How did you speak to yourself and others?

How were you supported and strengthened by others?

If you didn’t feel supported are you able to send them love and kind thoughts as an act of compassion for them and yourself?

How did you invest your time in your experiences today?

What did you learn?

Why not start a compassion practice today and see if you notice the difference in yourself and the people around you.

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