Starting your morning with gratitude can inspire you towards greater compassion for yourself and others.


How you start your day can set the tone for how much you appreciate the time you are given in this world and how you make the most of your potential each day. Gratitude helps us stay balanced and allows us to take more notice of how you give and receive on a daily basis.


A daily gratitude practice can help:

  • open the doors to a more positive experience of your day
  • allows you to appreciate what you have already
  • increase empathy and understanding in your relationships and interactions with others
  • diffuses resentment by balancing your understanding of giving and receiving
  • enables you to help overcome our natural negative bias
  • helps with depression and anxiety by refocusing your attention on the positives

the practice

This is one that I put together, but feel free to create your own! I personally love to include something that enables me to appreciate what a gift it is to be alive, encourages me to overcome my fears and allows me to reflect on how I want to invest my time, energy and love. It’s all about that balance of what I am giving and how am I creating opportunities to see and receive what life has to offer me.

Knowing what you value can help you to create your own and enable you to focus on areas of your life that you need to nurture. Check out your strengths, what areas you need to develop and how you choose to give and receive to give you a meaningful foundation for your own gratitude practice.

my personal morning words of gratitude

I’m thankful for this life for the opportunities and experiences it provides to learn more about myself and this world I call home.

I’m going to invest my heart in loving myself and others, I’m going to invest my time in living without fear and expanding into in new experiences with curiosity and wonder. I’m going to invest my energy in looking for opportunities to develop myself and uplift and encourage others.

What are you most grateful for in this moment?

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