grounding morning relaxation

Allow this grounding morning relaxation to restore your sense of presence and peace before you start your day.

Welcome to Yield and to this grounding morning relaxation. Before we begin find yourself a quiet relaxing and cosy place, free from distractions. Relax, close your eyes and allow your body to feel at ease. Notice each full deep breath, supporting you, filling you up with each and every inhale. Allow your body to relax and soften on the exhale, letting go and releasing your body deeper into the grounded strength of the earth, feeling at rest. Bring your awareness to the parts of your body that are feeling supported by the ground. Feel them grow heavy and feel the ground rising up to hold them.

Stay here for five deep, slow breaths. You are home. You are safe.

Now, bring your attention to your head, allow your head to feel heavy, letting the thoughts feel light and airy, allowing them to drift through your mind space like clouds. Just watch them, observing them as they are, without attaching to the thoughts, just allowing them to be in peace.

Now bring your attention to your heart, feeling the consistent, energetic flow emanating for your centre. Feel the love, the acceptance, the harmony that exists in your heart space. Feel this flow of love, acceptance and harmony filling your whole body with every heartbeat.

Now bring your attention to your feet, noticing the strength of your foundations and your connection to the earth, feel the supportive and balanced energy coming through the soles of your feet. Feel that strength and support drawing from the earth, through the soles of your feet all the way up through the body to your head. Feeling the strength of your body, the harmony of your heart and the peaceful thoughts.

With each breath feel your body becoming more energised, feeling lighter with each inhale and feeling more balanced and centred with each exhale. Slowly allow yourself to become more present, more awake, noticing your body, noticing your breath, noticing the power of your presence.

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