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Feeling out of balance? Learn simple and achievable practices grounded in evidence-based research to help you reduce stress, overwhelm and fatigue.









Skill Level

30 days


Transform Chaos to Calm

in just 30 days​

Week 1

understanding balance

Learn to balance your energy and establish your personal balance baseline and line of vulnerability to better manage stress and prevent overwhelm.

6 Modules

Including Energy Management Guide, 20+ Practices for Rest, Restorative Yoga Classes
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Week 2

creating balance

Learn how to manage your energy, not just your time and understand how much energy you actually need. Nourish your body and mind to increase your energy capacity and resilience to stress.

6 Modules

Including Nourishing Recipes for energy, 20+ Practices for Nourishment, Yin Yoga Classes
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Week 3

maintaining balance

Transform chaos to calm by listening to the wisdom of your own body and intuition. Apply accessible and achievable practices that encourage awareness, acceptance and compassion.

6 Modules

Including Guided Meditation Practices, 20+ Practices for Compassion, Balanced Breathing Techniques
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Week 4

real world balance

Cultivate your authenticity and integrity by developing a more positive relationship with yourself. Encourage balanced, growth-orientated connections with others for happiness, health and wholeness.

6 Modules

Including 20+ Practices for Play, Interconnectedness Guide, Learning to create a home practice
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balance is a verb

Balance is not a point you reach, but a continuous dance of energy that takes practice to master. Learn how to manage your own energy, identify when and how you are out of balance and establish systems to support you with creating resilience and strength in uncertain times.

Find your centre

If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, fatigued and in need of renewal, then this is for you.

Find pathways to create a new sense of balance grounded in your values and purpose. Apply evidence-based practices with the support and guidance of your health and wellness practitioner to encourage renewal and resilience.

With tools and resources specifically designed to help you navigate finding your centre and enjoying a lifestyle that supports happiness, health and wholeness.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Do you wake up in the morning and struggle to find the energy to get through your day? have you ever felt overwhelmed, burnt-out or over it all? 

Life is too short not to be making the most of every day. Especially when there are so many ways you can support yourself in each moment to find your way back to centre.

This course is designed to guide you step by step to support you in understanding what balance is and how to create and maintain balance in your life to reduce stress, fatigue and overwhelm.

Need more guidance and accountability to create a more balanced lifestyle? Choose the option of one-on-one sessions with your own health and wellness practitioner. 

Week 1

What is Balance? Understand what balance is, your personal baseline and why it’s important for your health and wellbeing.

Activity: Energy Assessment


How do we become out of balance? What lifestyle factors influence our state of balance, and how do we understand their impact on our daily lives?

Activity: Your Constitution

Understanding yourself and your energy is not just about your body. Learn to manage your energy, not just your time and cultivate resilience that comes from living consciously.

Activity: Your Values, Meaning + Purpose

How do you experience stress? How does stress influence how you feel on a daily basis? Understand your capacity for stress and how reframing stress can fuel your happiness and health, rather than deplete it.

Activity: Your Health + Happiness

What feels restful for you? Learn how the autonomic nervous system works to maintain balance. Understand how you can identify and implement constructive rest practices into your everyday life to support balance.

Challenge: Heart Rate Variability

Systems are a valuable way for you to work positively with stress and enable clarity around the causes and effects of stress on your life.

Activity: Self-Care Plan

Learn personalised and practical ways you can introduce more opportunities for rest into your life.

Week 2

How much energy do we need? Understand where you gain energy and what depletes your energy. Measure how much energy you actually need to find equilibrium.

Activity: Basal Metabolic Rate 


Our systems aren’t always functioning at their best. Especially if they have been overloaded or damaged. How can you increase the efficiency of your systems to make the most of your available energy sources?

Practice: 12hr Fasting

What is the quality of the energy you are giving and receiving? Where and how you receive your energy can matter just as much as the what. Learn how your lifestyle and your connection to your energy sources changes the quality of what you give and receive.

Activity: Pantry Party

Understand the cycles of the day, the seasons and your life and how that impacts on your energy requirements.

Activity: Seasonal Growing + Harvesting

How to use and manage your time and energy levels in alignment with your energy cycles. Learning when and where to spend your energy so that it’s in alignment with your values.

Activity: More, Better, Different, Less

What systems do you have in place to ensure you get the right kind of nourishment when you need it.

Practice: Kitchari Cleanse

Learn personalised and practical ways you can introduce more opportunities for nourishment into your life.

Week 3

How do we maintain balance? Consistency is something that most of us struggle with. Learn what your strengths and challenges are and how to overcome procrastination to nourish your body and mind through your lifestyle.

Activity: Make it Achievable 


Learn how to listen to the wisdom of your body to rebalance your body and mind before burnout.

Activity: Developing your intuition

How can you be more kind and supportive of yourself? Cultivating compassion can help you to recover more quickly when you become out of balance.

Activity: Self Soothing

Understand the energy of thoughts and how they influence your personal sense of balance and perspective. Learn how to become more aware of your thoughts and how they influence your mental well-being and sense of balance.

Practice: Journaling

Emotional energy is powerful and can be useful in communicating and creating change. Too much emotion can make life more challenging, So how can you express yourself authentically and also support your body with regulating your emotions?

Practice: Emotional Regulation – The 5 senses

Learn ways to increase your energy capacity by creating greater presence and connection with yourself. Encourage acceptance, patience and contentment in uncertainty.

Practice: Focus, Concentration + Meditation

Learn personalised and practical ways you can introduce more opportunities for compassionate into your life.

Week 4

Finding balance in the reality of your everyday life. How do you maintain balance in a world that feels so uncertain and has so many variables?

Activity: Feedback + Insight

You live in both a physical and non-physical world. With the digital world constantly asking for your attention and energy. Learn how to navigate the demands of this new dimension of energy.

Activity: Digital Detox

Your interconnectedness with others and your dependence and independence will affect your ability to maintain your own sense of balance. Learn how to embrace healthy boundaries.

Activity: Relationships + Boundaries

Learn how to find the balance between being yourself and being accepted for who you are without having to compromise your energy.

Practice: Being

Play is a valuable way to maintain our youthful energy, keep our minds curious, open to new possibilities and to embrace change.

Kindness is the language of love, the universal energy that keeps on giving. Create more opportunities to be kind with yourself and others.

Practice: Meta + Gratitude

Learn personalised and practical ways you can introduce more opportunities for play into our life.

When I first meet someone it doesn’t take long for me to see their potential, and that’s all I need to support them in making those next steps towards a more balanced and fulfilling life. Sometimes you just need someone who believes in you, before you can believe in yourself.


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