Your Summer of Self Love

your journey

The ultimate at-home retreat, with 7 days of curated practices to nourish and restore you as you explore your inner world and renew your sense of self-love this Summer.

Helping you:

  • understand what you need to thrive
  • develop your foundations of self-care, incorporating self-care practices into your daily routine
  • learn practical ways to connect with your body and inner wisdom 
  • create more opportunities for compassion and self-acceptance 
  • learn to trust yourself again and create systems that encourage empowerment and integrity
  • confidently make decisions about your self-care, centred around your values

Your programme includes:

  • 7 day guided journey
  • Your Summer of Self-Love Guide
  • Your Self-Care Profile
  • Daily recipes to nurture you from the inside out
  • Daily accessible, nurturing practices to restore balance

I look forward to guiding you towards new confidence, energy and compassion.


30 min

You are beautiful and worthy of love. Explore the foundations of what makes you, you. Allowing you to feel more safe, grounded and secure within yourself.


30 min

Understand your essential needs and what gives you energy to create opportunities for balance and build resilience in times of change. 


30 min

Reconnect with your sense of power and purpose by understanding your core values and how they shape your sense of self.


30 min

Learn how to hold yourself with compassion and self-acceptance to be a source of strength and support for yourself and others.


30 min

Build your capacity for confidence and learn to speak from your inner wisdom and be seen and heard as you are.


30 min

Learn to trust and believe in yourself again with clear and focused action.


30 min

Love yourself as you are and start living the life that reflects your values.

I'm here for you

Have any questions or just need some directions along the way, no worries. That’s what I’m here for, to make life easy. Just send me a message via that cute pink button over there or via my contact page and I’ll get right back to you.