Your Summer of Intention

your journey

Breathe, listen and align with Summer in this guided programme exploring breath, restorative yoga and guided meditation to focus your intentions for the new year. Leaving you clear and purposeful, whatever comes your way.

You will learn:

  • reflect on what you have learnt over the last year and appreciate with gratitude and compassion how far you have come
  • harness the power of your strengths and nurture those you want to develop
  • create a toolbox of self-care practices and a self-care plan to support you over the next year

Your programme includes:

  • your summer intentions guide with 30 pages of practices, reflection guides and templates
  • guided breath practice
  • guided restorative yoga practice
  • guided meditation practice


30 min

Appreciate the gifts that you have received and the lessons you have learned and release them to create space for new intentions and desires.


1 hr 15 min 

Through this series of restorative poses you will bring your body and mind into unity and focus to prepare for centred inspiration and grounded new beginnings.


1 hr 10min

Reimagine your life and create the intention to bring more of the positive energy and passion into the way you live daily.

$19 NZD

I'm here for you

Have any questions or just need some directions along the way, no worries. That’s what I’m here for, to make life easy. Just send me a message via that cute pink button over there or via my contact page and I’ll get right back to you.