Designed to help you take that next step. Whether it be towards rest and relaxation or transformation. All with the support guidance of your health and wellness practitioner. 

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Every season I clear space in my calendar for a special group of people who are motivated to change their life.

Want to overcome your lifestyle challenges? Learn systems to support your health and happiness for life? If you want to start living in alignment with your values in a holistic and intentional way then please get in touch.


Most frequent questions and answers

Your health and wellness practitioner is your primary support on your journey towards transforming your health and happiness. Their intention is to create a safe space that encourages self-awareness, compassion and self-confidence to enable you to focus on you!

As your health and wellness practitioner I will:

  • recognise and understand that you are the expert of your own body, mind and experience
  • provide safe, professional and non-judgemental support to enable you to access your own wisdom around your health + happiness priorities
  • collaborate with you on aligning your values, meaning and purpose with your lifestyle 
  • guide you through practices that support self-awareness and acceptance of your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions to create greater autonomy in your life 
  • walk alongside you with compassion through the challenges, without giving you advice or telling you what to do
  • accept that I don’t know it all and that we are on this journey together, every journey is different and we will both be learning from each other along the way

Please note your health and wellness practitioner is not a substitute for a medical professional. They do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Any information provided is not intended as a substitute for medical advice and it is recommended that you involve your medical professional with any lifestyle changes you are planning on making.

Yield encourages you to involve your medical professional in any appointments, should you wish to do so, especially if you have any long-term or chronic health conditions.


Your health and wellness practitioner is there to provide guidance, support and encouragement alongside you on this health and happiness journey.

Arrange a Session Time

To arrange a session with a practitioner you can either arrange an appointment online or message Yield to make a time. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the journey so that you can feel confident in making your next step.


All of our programmes are managed on a platform supported by Better Practice. This allows you to have a safe, secure way to access your programme on whichever device is most convenient for you. Once you have arranged a session time you will receive confirmation of your session and be encouraged to register for the platform to make communication easier.

Purpose Session (30min)

Once you have registered you will receive confirmation of your appointment and a health and happiness questionnaire which provides you with the opportunity to reflect on where you are now and create clarity around your purpose for change and how your values and priorities are being reflected in your current lifestyle.

Your initial 15min purpose session will involve discussing the health and happiness journey and clarifying any questions you may have about the questionnaire, the platform or the programme. This is the perfect opportunity to bring up any concerns you may have or aspects of the programme that you would like to have explained in greater detail. If you would like to continue with the programme you can then schedule your 60min planning session with your health and wellness practitioner. 

Planning Session (60min)

Your planning session is an opportunity to collaborate with your health and wellness practitioner and discover more about who you are, what you want and creative ways to move forward. You will receive personalised support and practical guidance to identify achievable changes to assist you with optimising your health and well-being.

Your session includes:

  • Comprehensive review of your current happiness, health and well-being
  • Self-Care Plan to help you move forward with purpose.
  • A personalised daily protocol designed to support your lifestyle change, with progress points aligned with your values

After the session your health and wellness practitioner will provide a self-care plan and personal protocol via the platform to guide your journey before your next session. Your programme will be available on the app for you to review whenever and wherever you need. With food, mood and lifestyle journals available to help you measure your progress points.

Potential Session (30min)

Build upon the foundation of your health and happiness priorities and optimise your lifestyle and well-being by continuing to review and update your self-care plan and  personalised protocol.

As part of your planning session you will have the opportunity to make a regular time to review your progress. These weekly reviews provide a supportive and encouraging environment of accountability for you to create lifestyle change. 

Your session includes:

  • Discussion about your current happiness, health and well-being 
  • Review of current Self-Care Plan in alignment with your potential
  • Comprehensive review and update of your daily protocol and progress points
Progress points will be measured via your online food, mood and lifestyle journal which is shared with your health and wellness practitioner to enable online support as you need it. During the sessions, we will explore and evaluate together any changes that you need to your self-care plan or personal protocol and give you an opportunity to share and celebrate your progress.

Ready to get started? The most convenient way is to book your first session online from the available times and select how you would like the consultation to take place, whether that be in person, over the secure tele-health or video-chat. You can also contact us via email or mobile to arrange your appointment.


As part of your initial purpose session you have the flexibility to choose how often you would like to review your self-care plan and the level of support and encouragement you need. You can either arrange in advance to secure a time that works for you, or arrange sessions as you need. 

The choice is yours! Want to focus on another area of your health and wellness . . . no problem. Simply enrol for another 12 week programme. There is 10% discount if you choose to enrol for another programme. Feel like you have a firm foundation to keep moving forward?, have a look at the projects, workshops and classes for inspiration on the next phase of your journey.

Ready to take that first step?

Leave behind your stress, anxiety and expectations. 

Make way for the clarity and confidence of knowing who you are and how to be happy and healthy.

With all the support and guidance you need.