my happy place

My memories become a sanctuary where I can remember another time and place and connect with the feeling of being content.

Where is your happy place?

Mine is where fluffy bunny rabbits live, the yummiest spaghetti I’ve ever had, long walks in the misty mountains and being able to dip my feet into the middle of a river while I’m perched on a rock watching dragonflies flit around . . . me being happy.

It didn’t dawn on me until today that I have a happy place. A place I tend to go to when I need some space for myself, a retreat from the need to react to what is happening in my own mind. My memories become a sanctuary where I can remember another time and place and connect with the feeling of being content.

The idea came up as I was having a conversation with Leanne about work. Leanne is a very loved and valued part of my spiritual chosen family that I’m in connection with regularly. She always seems to have a slightly different experience of the same life lesson seemingly happening parallel to mine and is able to offer different perspectives that I can learn from.

Anyway, back to work. I find it so easy to become wrapped up in what I’m doing and place unnecessary pressure on myself to have things completed to my recovering perfectionist standards on a tight schedule. Staying purposeful around my boundaries is also an area of my life where I am constantly growing.

Leanne said ‘every time I was tempted to focus energy on meeting expectations, perhaps I could soften the demands of that expectant part by creating space in my thoughts for my happy place instead.’ My thoughts started to race and I was so excited I talked over her as she was providing examples. “You mean my happy place!” there won’t be any space if I’m thinking of my happy place.

I’d never really thought of my mind as having a finite amount of space before . . . I definitely have a finite cognitive capacity though. I’m sure the more time I spend thinking about expectations even sub-consciously, the less capacity I have to be present to what is happening right now.

Having a place where you can go to rest and restore without the encroachment of expectation or responsibilities can be a much better solution than becoming overwhelmed or burnt out.

So less space for expectations, more space for my happy place.


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