Mirror, Mirror

Find a mirror, often a handheld one is best so you can get up close and personal. Then take yourself to a place where you won’t be disturbed (or feel embarrassed!) about looking at yourself in the mirror.

Hold your Gaze

Just begin just by making eye contact with yourself in the mirror. It may feel strange and uncomfortable, but I promise just like most things it becomes easier the more you do it. The intention of this practice is to be able to observe yourself without judgement. For most of us the mirror is what we use to prepare ourselves for the outside world, to put our best foot forward, but it’s often done with a critical eye and with the intention of covering any perceived flaws. Just spend some time in your own presence, holding eye contact and sending yourself some love and kindness.

Build your Self-Worth through Affirmations

This may take a while to build up to, but affirmations have been shown to develop a more positive relationship with how you see yourself. Start easy with statements that are true for everyone, such as ‘I am here, I am now, I belong’ and then you can begin to focus on the things you like about yourself to build that positive self-image. Observing any emotions that rise up that conflict with your positive image. Write them down are they true, kind or helpful? If not then it’s time to create a new story.