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Join us for a weekend of classes and events exploring the principles of steadiness and ease in our yoga practice.

Friday 2 August | Sunday 4 August

Winter Yoga Immersion

Enjoy a weekend deepening your yoga practice through understanding the principles of stability and ease. Exploring the themes of connection, breath, alignment, strength and flexibility whilst developing awareness of the body and mind.

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Restore Class

Friday 2 August | 5.30 – 6.30pm

Designed to assist the body in creating a state of rest so that you can relax and restore.

A combination of floor-based yin poses to release deep tension within the body and finishing with Yoga Nidra to re-centre your mind.

Suitable for all levels, props included.


Saturday 3 August | 9.15 – 10.15am

Flow Class

Move with your breath and start to listen to your body with this slow flow designed to synchronise your body and mind.

Allow yourself to be guided through a series of poses that will re-vitalise and re-energise you from the inside out.

Suitable for all levels, props included.

In the flow

Saturday 3 August | 11am – 2pm

Realign Workshop

Starting with your foundation work through the main joints of the body to encourage safer and more stable movement. Learn how to manage weakness and injury through modification and effective use of props.

Suitable for all levels, props included.

Fully aligned

Sunday 4 August | 11am – 2pm

Strengthen Workshop

Discover your inner strength and explore the main muscle groups of the lower body, upper body and core. Develop strength, flexibility and resilience to assist you in your everyday practice. Understanding where you can work more with your body to create greater ease in your practice.

Suitable for all levels, props included.

Strength switched on

Sunday 4 August | 3pm – 6pm

Reset Workshop

Imagine a new way to deal with the stress of the everyday. Using the restorative effects of yin yoga combined with self-massage, breathing practices and meditation for self-care. Provide yourself with the power of knowledge to support and encourage deeper relaxation and rest.

Suitable for all levels, props included.

Rested and Reset


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Embrace the elements of yoga and learn how to integrate them with your every day to create ease and flow. Yield exists to assist you in creating awareness of the relationship between your body and mind and the deeper aspects of Self. Allow more stillness, silence and spaciousness into your life.